Sunday, 9 April 2017

Weekly Reading

Hello, Sunday! That was fast. I know, I know: I'm a broken record. The weeks have been going by fast though! 

Do you have any days you look forward to because of a special routine? Mine is Tuesday. Strange, yeah. Tuesday is when students get discounts at the grocery store so it's generally my day to shop. I get up, do a little bit of blog reading, make a little breakfast (probably a Montreal bagel with peanut butter or a green smoothie), then head out. One of my favourite coffee shops is just by the grocery store I go to so I pop in for a dark roast and am on my way. Lately I've been bringing my travel mug to put my coffee in so I can enjoy it when I get home (in my favourite new mug (sidenote - I try not to buy stuff from Starbucks as much because Halifax is filled with awesome coffee places but this mug is the cutest)). Then I pop on a half hour show, like New Girl, Friends, or The Office, and unpack and food prep for the rest of the week. Maybe I make granola bars or almond butter, ça dépend. 

I get that it sounds totally boring, but it's my little Tuesday morning routine. And I love it. Hey, there's a reason people (hi Mom!) call me 'domestic'. Anywho: I am going to miss that Tuesday morning journey. On that note, here are some reads from this past week!

Nicole Kidman Maybe it's because I had no idea she was married to Tom Cruise until I was a teen, but I never had any judgements about Nicole Kidman. To me, anything she is attached to automatically has a certain prestige. I think BLL has opened up an analysis on Hollywood et al. critique - if you've yet to notice, definitely check out this article. Highly recommended. 

Best Coffee Cities I think this list is evidence that I need to head back to the UK. University had turned me onto coffee but my semester abroad fully converted me.

Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler Is there anything better to get you in the swing of warmer weather? I am dying for the chance to make this recipe. 

BLL Fillers Missing Big Little Lies? Here's a list of shows that could maybe fill that void. I've seen Mary Kills People as it came out in Canada earlier this year and would recommend it. I am really looking forward to The Handmaid's Tale too.

Two-Toned Frosting I've been wanting to do one of Sally's monthly challenges but just haven't gotten around to it. I'm looking forward to trying this little trick! 

An Ode to Jenna Lyons Anyone else a little upset that Jenna is leaving J. Crew? I am so curious to see what will happen with the brand - will it head back to it's roots? Continue to branch out a little? More importantly perhaps - what will Jenna do? I wonder if she'll create a brand of her own? Only time will tell!

Momentum I added this extension onto my Chrome browser this week and it is a nice little addition. Normally I am in autopilot mode and hit command+t then type away. Now, I always wait to see what beautiful picture pops up. It's a little change but a lovely visual treat. 

Celebrity Crushes Who is yours? Mine is Jake Gyllenhaal. It has changed and grown a lot (a lot... I have so many crushes) over my 22 years, but my love for Jake will stand the test of time. I am sure of that, ladies.

Spring Broadway Shows I think I squealed when I heard Jake performing "Finishing the Hat" so it goes without saying that I want to see "Sunday in the Park with George." But I would also gleefully see any of these, specifically "Dear Evan Hansen" and "Come From Away."

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