Sunday, 5 March 2017

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I had a great day yesterday. It started with brunch, led to getting a new jacket (see below), yoga, house dinner, baking, and ended with board games. After a taxing week, this was the perfect remedy. That doesn't take away from the fact that it is currently freezing. I don't know if this has any correlation, but every person I've seen out my window this morning has been speed-walking. When it's this cold out, why spend any longer outside than you have to? The forecast looks slightly warmer, but I'm not counting on it. I will, however, be praying to every God there is and using up every Genie wish I have to ask for an early spring. And now, here are some links I've enjoyed this week. Hope your first full week of March is off to a great start!

Food Care Package These recipes from Joy sound delicious - so delicious in fact that I probably will make them and give them to myself as a care package...

The Worst Character in One Tree Hill Yes. Oh, yes. As a teeny-bopper, I loved Lucas Scott. Of course! He seemed dreamy and romantic. Now? I would never in a million years encourage a girlfriend to waste their time on him. He really was the worst. I mean, how could he do that to Peyton and Brooke? God, I could really go on about this for a long time.

Paris Envy FYI if you say that with a French accent, it rhymes. Oh boy, does Paris ever look incredible right about now. Grace's photos provided me with some much needed inspiration. 

Bulldog Clutch This warm-weather straw clutch is just too cute. 

Moonlight Release As with most independent films, Moonlight didn't have a very wide box office release. Fortunately for those who are still looking to see it in theatres, it is being re-released as a result of the Best Picture win! I'm planning on seeing it with friends at Oxford Cinema (if you live in Halifax, you have to watch a movie here. It is an amazing theatre) this week. 

Paris Fashion Week Street style looks from the Paris F/W fashion week. They are all to die for, I really just want to copy every look!

Patagonia On Sale So they don't have very many options online, but Patagonia is having a great sale right now. I got the Nano Puff Hoody in Harvest Moon Blue for 40% off in store and can't say enough great things. I wore it yesterday when it dropped 20 degrees with a light shirt underneath and wasn't cold. Totally worth it in my opinion. (Nordstrom and MEC also have sales on them in store but I couldn't find any options online)

West Village Apartment Kat's WV apartment is what dreams are made of. It may be a little too glam for me, but still a lovely space.

Horse Love This story melts my heart. I really hope this is me as an 83-year old. 

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