Friday, 3 March 2017

Preparing for Spring Style

Happy Friday and happy March! We have been treated to lovely warm weather this past week in Halifax. I think it hit up to 12 degrees celsius! (When I returned from Ontario for reading week on Saturday I couldn't believe how little snow was left on the ground. We were piled up so high that I suppose Mother Nature wanted to aid the snow clean up crew.) Starting today, though, the warmth looks to be retreating for a while. I've been trotting around campus in my raincoat and loafers the past few days - a welcome relief from my usual winter jacket and heavy duty boots. This has me ecstatic for when spring is actually here to stay.

The weather change has bought us a little more time to get prepared for the soon-to-come warmer weather. As a method of procrastination, I've already been matching together outfit ideas for spring. If you're on the lookout for some spring items, here are some of my favourites:

Raincoat with a Pop of ColourI got this jacket while in Brighton last year and absolutely love it. (The colour I got, Haze Blue, isn't in stock but every other colour is still adorable.) Everyone compliments me on it (come on, it's good for the ego) and people are always surprised to hear that it's completely waterproof. As I'm on the short side, it hits just past my bum - exactly where I like it. I wanted a jacket that would keep my bum dry during treks through storms, not the typical kind that cuts off at your hips. The colour is a perfect little pick-me-up and I really do get excited when I get to wear it. 

Cropped Denim: So, I didn't want to like the cropped-boot trend because I thought I wouldn't be able to wear it well. Over Christmas though, I tried on this pair from J. Crew and fell. in. love. I am fully on board with the style now. I think I'll stay on the lookout for a good deal on a lighter denim, but really but will probably end up grabbing ones from J. Crew. Pick up a pair for yourself, put on some flats (or for now, booties), and get ready for spring. 

Rain Booties: My roommate (hi, Erin!) ordered these Jeffrey Campbell Chelsea rain booties from Urban Outfitters and they are just the cutest. For those rainy days when you really don't want to lug around nearly knee-high rain boots (talking about you Hunters), these seem to be a great alternative. So many brands have similar styles, but at only $55, how can you go wrong??

On-the-Go Bag: The Le Pliage backpack is the perfect size to hold your wallet, water bottle, light jacket or sweater, and snack for a day out. It is my go-to bag when I'm out for the day and don't need my laptop (#studentlife, though I do want to point out that it does in fact fit my 13 inch MacBook) but still want some essentials. This bag has survived heavy downpour and kept all of it's contents dry. Highly recommended! It comes in such a variety of colours too, so pick your poison. 

Loafers: Starting and finishing this post with things I picked up in Brighton. In general, I feel that everyone should own a good pair of loafers. I don't wear these when there are massive puddles outside my door, but they are safe enough to wear in a drizzle or just with some rain on the ground. So, to recap: fashionable, but be smart with the conditions in which worn. 

What are your essentials for spring time?

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