Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A (Belated) New Year

It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been reading my usual blogs over the past few months but haven't quite been able to hit publish on my own lately. I hope that whatever you've been up to has been fantastic! I've had a lot going on, some personal situations that I've needed to get in check. 

I started my new year in Providenciales, aka Heaven on Earth. For those who've been fortunate enough to experience it, you'll understand and inevitably be jealous you couldn't come with me. For those who haven't, well, you should be jealous and I hope you can one day make the trip. 

This meme makes me laugh every time. Though soon I will no longer have a use for it! Graduation is coming up this spring. WHAT. My time in Halifax is really limited now and I feel like there are so many places I need to explore. My parents visited this past weekend - the first real time they've been able to actually roam through the city. They got me settled in residence for first year and again when I moved into my house in second year, but lets be real: those were marred by states of panic and commotion. Very little time was actually left for Halifax adventures. 

My family decided to welcome a new member just after I left for school in January. After years and years of me begging for a second dog, they obviously take the leap when I no longer live at the family home. Typical. We have Dexter, the two year old Boston Terrier, and now Seve (pronounced SevE), the three month old Boxer. And he is going to get big. I'll be home two weeks today for reading week and I don't think I've ever been so excited for a countdown. Are they not the CUTEST?

On a different note, politics have obviously been a hot topic lately. Though I'm not going to discuss it here, lets just acknowledge that the world was a slightly different place back in October. (Sidenote: how do you feel about bloggers discussing politics recently? Sometimes I enjoy it, but sometimes I really just want it to be an impartial space.)

Have a great rest of the week, all! We'll talk again in a few days 😊

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