Sunday, 26 February 2017

Weekly Reading

Well, it's Oscars night tonight! Who are you rooting for? I haven't seen all of the nominees but have enjoyed all of the ones I have watched. As a big fan of Jimmy Kimmel, I'm excited to see what he brings to the show.

Vanity Fair's Best Dressed Tonight is the night to bring style A-Game. Are any of your favourite's on this list? I've always loved Lupita Nyong'o's pale blue Prada gown. So many great looks on this slideshow!

Winter Style of French Girls I was just talking to my sister today about how European fashion is really so superior to ours (those girls just get it), so this Parisian guide to winter style is perfect. 

Unique Winter Boots How do you feel about these boots? I'm all for upping winter style, but these are a little out there. Who knows, though!

Blush Dress Oh how I cannot wait to flirt around in dresses without a winter coat, scarf, tights, and boots. Blair is of course exquisite in this darling little number. 

The BEST Chocolate Cake Reading week has coincided with my mom's birthday each year of university so I've been able to bake up a birthday cake each time. This year, knowing a cake she had on her mind from their recent trip to Halifax, I whipped up this one. Do yourself a favour and do the same. It is truly amazing!

Emma Watson Press Style How cool is it that Emma Watson and her team created an Instagram page for her Beauty and the Beast press tour style? 

Have a great week!

Monday, 20 February 2017


Dal had its first fall reading week last semester and my roommates and I decided to take full advantage of it, especially considering it would be our last. So, we headed down to California. First stop, Yosemite National Park.

Full disclosure: I am not a camping gal. I love the outdoors and will happily do a day hike and have a bon fire, etc. But pitching a tent in November? Not exactly something I was raised doing. My four roommates I went with are very experienced. In fact, there is no other group I would spend three nights in the mountains in a tent with. Which is why this trip was so special.

We arrived late on a Saturday night, spending the night at an airport hotel, then picking up a rental car to head out Sunday morning. We made a pit stop to grab some groceries and then were on our way out of San Francisco!

About halfway on the drive (time, not distance-wise), we stopped for a bite in Jamestown (at Here's the Scoop). It was gloomy driving up through the mountains - not going to sugarcoat it, I was worried that I'd be stuck freezing in the Rocky's for three days.

However, we woke to a gorgeous, sunny day. It was truly unbelievable. Still jet-lagged (and awake from an uncomfortable sleep... note: always bring a sleeping pad) we started the day pretty early and headed out on our first trail. We chose Vernal and Nevada Falls via Mist Trail - a great choice. Before heading out though, we packed up some snacks and a lunch.

First up: Vernal Falls. 

About an hour later, we found our lunch spot.

Oh, hello, beautiful Nevada Falls.

Yes, that is right, we ate lunch right beside that waterfall.

But before we knew it, we were headed back down to base camp on the John Muir Trail.

Before the sun set, we drove out to Tunnel View. It is an incredibly picturesque spot, but even pictures don't capture the beauty. We stayed for about half an hour and stood in awe of the landscape.

For our final day in Yosemite, we hiked the Yosemite Falls Trail up to Columbia Rock.

Holy switchbacks. I failed to get a great picture of the switchbacks so you'll have to take my word for it. But they are brutal. I am just warning you. Please remember that I warned you. They are long.

Here is our hike number two lunch view. Not too bad, right? Such a lovely view of Half Dome, too.

When I researched the park leading up to our arrival, every website was telling me that the foliage would be poor. Obviously, that is discouraging. But look at this! The trees along the valley were perfect fall colours.

Until next time, Yosemite! You are loved.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

All You Need Is Love

Did anyone else hear Ewan McGregor singing that? Maybe it's just my Moulin Rouge obsession. If not, give this a listen:

The city shut down because of the blizzard yesterday so I was able to spend it with some of my favourite gals (aka my roommates). Today I'm hard at the books, or rather, my laptop, so it was lovely to spend yesterday with great company. 

If you have time today, maybe whip up Sally's amazing Red Velvet cake.

Pop on Moonrise Kingdom, a movie guaranteed to warm your heart.

Why not toss some Russian Red on those lips and Bordeaux on your nails?

I hope you all are able to spend some of today with your loved ones. Friends, family, dog, cat, horse, whomever makes you happy! 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Weekly Reading

Halifax has been crazy lately! We received a ton of snow over Thursday night and we are apparently getting another blast over the next few days. How was your week? Mine went by way too fast, as has the entire year. 

Jake Gyllenhaal on Broadway Will someone PLEASE fly me out to New York for a night to watch him in a Sondheim musical. Pretty pretty please.

Galentine's Day Necessities Grab your girlfriends and cosy up 💖

Ikea is branching out to jacket quilts? Who knows, maybe in five years they'll be selling denim too.

Haled Boyd I love the series that A Cup of Jo does highlighting styles of various women. This particular edition features the founder of Marais and each look is just darling.

Whenever I actually manage to visit Vancouver for the first time, I'll be sure to visit some of these 'Instagrammable spots' Alexandra recommends. 

Your new go-to look, courtesy of Blair.

Maybe whip up these cupcakes for your Galentine's Day party?

Have a lovely week friends!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

J.Crew Spring Arrivals

Usually by this time of year, Halifax is hosting mountains of snow. It's largely held off so far but we've had too many cloudy days to count and I'm ready for a change. Spring isn't too far away now and these new arrivals from J.Crew have me dying for sandal and non-down-jacket weather.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A (Belated) New Year

It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been reading my usual blogs over the past few months but haven't quite been able to hit publish on my own lately. I hope that whatever you've been up to has been fantastic! I've had a lot going on, some personal situations that I've needed to get in check. 

I started my new year in Providenciales, aka Heaven on Earth. For those who've been fortunate enough to experience it, you'll understand and inevitably be jealous you couldn't come with me. For those who haven't, well, you should be jealous and I hope you can one day make the trip. 

This meme makes me laugh every time. Though soon I will no longer have a use for it! Graduation is coming up this spring. WHAT. My time in Halifax is really limited now and I feel like there are so many places I need to explore. My parents visited this past weekend - the first real time they've been able to actually roam through the city. They got me settled in residence for first year and again when I moved into my house in second year, but lets be real: those were marred by states of panic and commotion. Very little time was actually left for Halifax adventures. 

My family decided to welcome a new member just after I left for school in January. After years and years of me begging for a second dog, they obviously take the leap when I no longer live at the family home. Typical. We have Dexter, the two year old Boston Terrier, and now Seve (pronounced SevE), the three month old Boxer. And he is going to get big. I'll be home two weeks today for reading week and I don't think I've ever been so excited for a countdown. Are they not the CUTEST?

On a different note, politics have obviously been a hot topic lately. Though I'm not going to discuss it here, lets just acknowledge that the world was a slightly different place back in October. (Sidenote: how do you feel about bloggers discussing politics recently? Sometimes I enjoy it, but sometimes I really just want it to be an impartial space.)

Have a great rest of the week, all! We'll talk again in a few days 😊