Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Fall Skirts

October came out of nowhere and now we're already in the last full week. I say this far too often but, really, where did the time go? In a month and a half I'll be finished the final fall semester of my undergrad. While exciting, it's scary. I'm in the abyss of wondering where the next six months will lead me. Any-who, onto fashion:

Suede, leather or corduroy? These seem to be the most popular options for fall skirts. Though denim is still acceptable, I personally would prefer to have a skirt that I can pair with tights for the cooler days (I don't love the look of denim and tights). Here are some cute little options to take you into winter. 

Bag // Blouse // Skirt // Flats

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Links of the Week

Well, it's that time of year guys. Change is in the air! Do you all have some cozy knits to bundle up in and the kettle brewing? I've basically been living in jeans, sweaters and my loafers this past week. No complaints here! I'm buckling up for a busy October and really trying to get ahead of my readings and assignments. I hope you all have a beautiful start to October this weekend!

Speaking of...  The coziest looking fall sweater. Anyone willing to donate to my GoFundMe page for it?

Spectacles Wasn't quite expecting this new venture from Snapchat (now Snap Inc.) but I suppose it's not too surprising. Will they take off? I'm not sure.

Who'd You Rather These are so funny to watch on Ellen! Seeing Lea Michele also makes me miss the good ole Glee days. 

Ultimate Fall Doughnuts If you don't follow Tieghan's blog, you are missing out. Her photography is out of this world and her recipes are even better (if that's even possible?). These doughnuts sound absolutely delectable. 

The 10 Pieces You'll Have Forever according to Gwyneth. Hard not to agree with these choices, but they really are "investment" pieces. 

How to Behave at a Steakhouse This made me laugh a little. 

Meryl Streep's Greenwich Townhouse That shower. Oh my gosh that shower. 

The Crown It's almost here! I've been waiting for this show for a while and it looks stunning. Netflix is really killing it with their original programming. Looking forward to binging The Crown! (And hopefully getting around to Luke Cage at some point as well)

Lupita for Vogue I get so excited when I see Lupita Nyong'o. She's so refreshing and down to earth that it's hard not to love her. Seeing the video of her going back to her parent's farm in Kenya was so cute. We really have no idea what that part of the world is like so seeing it from her perspective was pretty insightful. 

Paris Fashion Week Looks Tons of outfit inspiration for fall and spring.

Currently Reading: Bartholomew Fair by Ben Jonson. 
Not quite as exciting as my readings earlier in the year but it's hard to do anything other than school readings at this point. Especially when my major requires me to read plays and stories weekly...