Saturday, 24 September 2016

Links of the Week

Where did the week go? Don't answer that. I know it disappeared into the school and Fall madness. I don't really need to be reminded. I just still can't believe it. This week was a busy one as I had a course scheduling kerfuffle that needed to be sorted, trip planning, applications, and... what else? I don't even know. Maybe my week actually wasn't all that busy. It's just the anticipation of the next few months that occupies my time. 

Last week I volunteered at the Atlantic Film Festival. My dream is to go to the Toronto International Film Festival one year, but the AFF was quite sufficient in the mean time. One of the theatres hosting screenings is a wonderful older theatre that takes you back to the early days of cinema (Oxford Cinemas on Quinpool, if you're interested). A true classic. 

Here are some of my favourite reads of the week! Hope you have a great weekend all :)

Classic Style I loved this simple little look on Liz and her words about style. And not just because I'm obsessed with her bag...

Career Tips from Smart Women Full of great quotes from some of your favourite ladies. 

Waiting for Girl on the Train? Here are some books to fill up your space in the mean-time. 

50 Most Influential Bloomberg's annual list of their 50 most influential people in the finance market across the globe was released. Anyone you're surprised is on the list? 

Gwyneth and the Lenny Girls I subscribe to the Lenny Letter emails, and though they're sometimes not always my cup of tea, I really enjoy seeing what they've got each week. This was a fun little interview with Miss GOOP herself. 

Fall Fashion Musts, according to your sign I tried this with some of my friends and found some of their tastes match up, though definitely not all. I know mine did! Very in love with my Virgo slide.

The Royals Coming to Canada Never have I wanted to be in Vancouver more than right now. I caught a quick glimpse of the Royal family during the Queen's birthday celebrations outside Buckingham Palace, but it would be so neat to see the little family on their first trip here. 

York Avenue Etsy Shop I've loved Jackie's blog for a while so it was exciting to see that she's opening up a print shop on Etsy! Her photography is beautiful and certainly doesn't help my pipe Manhattan dream.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Backless Loafers

Loafers, mules, slippers, slides, or whatever it is that they're referred to as. When I first saw the Gucci Princetown Slipper last fall, I didn't really understand the trend. Sure, it's Gucci. But with all the fur and the totally lazy look, I was confused.

I bought a pair of quite comfortable loafers over the winter and though I love them, they sometimes rub my heel the wrong way. They are my go-to shoe in during cooler days when sandals just don't cut it anymore - but, ugh, blisters. Alas, I started searching for open flats and began to fall in love with those backless Gucci beauties. My question though: how long will this trend last?

I've been searching for a more reasonably priced style for options. If the consensus is that the trend is here to say, these are some great choices.

Asos // Nine West // Kristin Cavallari // Urban Outfitters

Have you found any other loafers or fall shoes to try?

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