Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Java Jolt

I resisted coffee for a long time. Never liked the taste of it, never had any interest. But of course, university happened. And like every other student, I succumbed to the appeal of a caffeine boost. It wasn't that I liked the taste of it -I just needed an extra shot of energy.
Fast forward a few years later and I now press coffee nearly everyday before class (and still sometimes grab another later in the day... Oops). I like that with a french press I can measure out exactly how much I want, and how strong it will be.
I leave for England in just over a week (I can't believe how fast this month has passed!) and I have a feeling I'll be going back to my 10-cups-a-day of tea.

I love this picture so much. 

Mmmmm who else can smell the coffee beans?