Sunday, 13 December 2015

Turtleneck Fever

I used to loathe turtlenecks. I thought they were of unjust existence and a huge faux-pas. Whenever I wore one, it felt like I was being choked - in reality, I was probably just way too dramatic and claustrophobic in it (I even feel that way with scarfs sometimes now. Just having something constricting around my neck can make me feel a little uneasy). In the past five years or so, I've come to appreciate the turtleneck more. I didn't own them for the longest time because of the #bigboobproblem , but I finally have the freedom now to wear as many turtlenecks as I like :)

I got this one from LOFT when I was home in November and love it. It says online that it's a tunic; I got it in the petite and don't find it to be the length of a tunic.

Some other ones I'm a bit in love with:

Both the white and the charcoal are great.