Saturday, 7 November 2015

To Cut or Not to Cut

A couple of years ago (February 2013 to be exact), I took a big chunk of hair off. I cut it up to my collarbone, and having a short neck, it really was short. I loved it! It was so different and refreshing - a welcome change. I had cut my hair the June before, after graduation, but it wasn't nearly as short - it still felt like I cut off alllll of my locks at the time though. As a child, I sported the mushroom cut. Sometimes shorter than the mushroom cut... People look at pictures of me occasionally as a child and mistake me for my brother. Yeah. (Thanks mom!)

Having short hair for the majority of my childhood, I grew it out for most of my adolescent and teen years. It was gloriously long in grade 12, I think all the way down to my butt. But (pun intended), sometimes we change and hair really is a huge catalyst. For me, I tend to associate long hair with teenage girls and how much I have changed since I was a wee-teen. Shorter hair I associate more with maturity, confidence - ya know, that whole empowered female thing. Both are gorgeous and vary person to person, but these are just stereotypes I have sort of created.

I think I'm going to cut it off again next week. My hair is the longest it's been since June 2012, so... Three and a half years. That's a very long time. I loved my hair short but I'm also really enjoying having it long. I think I probably will cut it off - it's less maintenance and I find it easier for me to style.

Anyways, that's my first-world, white-girl problem of the week. 

Have a great weekend!

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