Friday, 27 November 2015

Year 3 Christmas Brunch (and the Best Cinnamon Rolls!!)

The semester is coming to a close! Quickly! A little too quickly for me. I leave in less than three weeks and won't be back in Halifax until next September. Which also means maybe not seeing my housemates, aka Haligonian sisters, for a while (insert sad and crying face emojis). One of our best friends is also leaving next semester, only she won't be coming back - her travels (well, education) are taking her to Australia! To finish the semester off, we of course had a grand meal.

We didn't really have a brunch last year because it was just too busy for us all (and we would all be together again in three weeks), but we did send the year off with an Easter dinner. I wrote about it before and I have to reiterate: it was delicious. There was major food coma in the house after. This time, as two of us would not be returning, we HAD to do something. Enter: brunch. 

Another food coma-inducing meal, I assure you. I made cinnamon buns from Sally's Baking Addiction. Oh dear lord, are they ever good. I wanted to do an overnight recipe because I knew I would not be able to commit too much time in one period - I'm either all in or all out so if I didn't homemake something good, I would not be satisfied - although, it still took longer than I thought, ha. We had eggs Benedict, waffles, fruit salad, a plethora of waffles, roasted potatoes, mimosas (I, however, abstained due to schoolwork), and enough bacon to feed three of our house. 

I want to improve my cinnamon roll making skills (and time) so I'm going to try to make them once or twice when I'm home. Perhaps try to find a vegan recipe as well? I don't know, I'm inspired! 

I am really starting to get excited for Christmas - I just have to survive through the next week first... Please wish me luck! 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Lob (Long Bob) Inspiration

A follow-up to my last post :)

Elizabeth Olsen is one of my celeb crushes - I love her movies and adore her style. This hair length on her is so nice. I'd say my last hair "cut" looked a lot like the one AnnaSophia Robb is rocking - probably will go for that same look. The other two are aspirations for when it starts to grow out again!

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

To Cut or Not to Cut

A couple of years ago (February 2013 to be exact), I took a big chunk of hair off. I cut it up to my collarbone, and having a short neck, it really was short. I loved it! It was so different and refreshing - a welcome change. I had cut my hair the June before, after graduation, but it wasn't nearly as short - it still felt like I cut off alllll of my locks at the time though. As a child, I sported the mushroom cut. Sometimes shorter than the mushroom cut... People look at pictures of me occasionally as a child and mistake me for my brother. Yeah. (Thanks mom!)

Having short hair for the majority of my childhood, I grew it out for most of my adolescent and teen years. It was gloriously long in grade 12, I think all the way down to my butt. But (pun intended), sometimes we change and hair really is a huge catalyst. For me, I tend to associate long hair with teenage girls and how much I have changed since I was a wee-teen. Shorter hair I associate more with maturity, confidence - ya know, that whole empowered female thing. Both are gorgeous and vary person to person, but these are just stereotypes I have sort of created.

I think I'm going to cut it off again next week. My hair is the longest it's been since June 2012, so... Three and a half years. That's a very long time. I loved my hair short but I'm also really enjoying having it long. I think I probably will cut it off - it's less maintenance and I find it easier for me to style.

Anyways, that's my first-world, white-girl problem of the week. 

Have a great weekend!