Friday, 2 October 2015

Favourite Study Playlists

With October comes late library nights. It's the glorious (please note the sarcasm) time of year attached to projects, midterms and assignments. Like any student, sometimes my focus drains and my productivity faces a steep decline (which will ultimately result in looong nights after).

I have a few tools to put myself back on the study track, such as baking and exercise, but one of the most useful things I find are playlists. I have long listened to 8tracks and in fact I have a playlist that has been on repeat since the fall of 2012 - it's that great. These are a few of my favourites and the ones I find most helpful:

This is my archival playlist :)

And, although we still have some time before Christmas is pushed toward us, here is my favourite holiday study playlist :)

Best of luck to all the students out there! Especially to my little sister, Annie :) (not that she really needs it...)

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