Saturday, 10 October 2015

Fall Fashion Wish List

Obviously, and inevitably, subject to change. Lust lists are always growing :)

Turtlenecks - I never used to wear turtlenecks, but now I am starting to feel more comfortable in them.

  • Linen - lighter and striped - can go with essentially anything
  • Weighted - perfect for cooler days when I don't want to wear layers (or for when I just want a light jacket even)
  • Loafers - I have been longing for loafers for some time. My main issue with finding a suitable pair is compromising quality for price or investing in a pair that I hope I will wear for years and years to come
  • Booties - I had a pair of lovely leather booties... Then my dog decided to eat them. Alas, I am (well, have been for the past 5 months) on the hunt for a new pair. I love these blue suede ones but I'm just not sure how entirely neutral they would be. Still gorgeous with certain outfits!
  • Flats - I own one pair of flats. I know, strange. I need shoes with good support and flats do not offer any. However, I am thinking it's time to grab a pair. I would love some bright red ones :)
Jeans - Madewell denim is so comfortable and good quality so I'm hoping to get a good, year-round pair of jeans from there soon (I've tried them on sooo many times but have yet to call a pair my own)

Handbag - I'm not at a stage in my life where I can invest in a dozen handbags and justify it. This Tory Burch bag has been on my lust list ever since it came out! I hope that they can bring it back out in a some years time when the purchase is more realistic.

Dress - I own a decent amount of nice summer dresses, but my fall/winter department is lacking. This dress would be perfect for the fall and winter paired with a long-sleeve tee underneath, tights, and booties.

Flannel - similar to turtlenecks, button ups were never really an option for me. But now I am wishing for this perfect buffalo check shirt.

Jewellery - I rarely change my diamond studs for anything else. Lately I have found myself wanting to start wearing small gold hoops (I'm not a fan of big hoops on me, at all - too "hip" for me). These ones are a bit modern and also combine classic gold with some diamond studs. 

Skirt - I've never ordered anything off of Chicwish, though I have found some really great things on their website recently. For example, this skirt. I think it's something classic but adds enough edge to keep it from being boring or generic. 

Fall weather is officially among us now - here is to looking fashionable while fending off the cold. 

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  1. Nice list !


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