Thursday, 29 October 2015

Monday Music

So, I know it not Monday. I was supposed to publish this on Monday but I didn't. So here it is now!

Adele - Hello
The QUEEN is back. I know people think of Beyoncé as the queen... I'm more invested in Adele :) This song has been on repeat! I already have the first verse and chorus memorized. I'm keep thinking that the whole world has heard it by now, but I keep running into people who haven't - therefore, it is a must to share.

Robbie Williams - Candy
Okay, so: I love Graham Norton. Like, love. I've watched so many episodes and clips on YouTube and I am really hoping that I can go to a taping when I'm in Brighton next semester. Which brings me to Robbie Williams! I love finding new artists and comedians through the show but I'm pretty poor at following up on them. I finally got around to listening to Robbie Willams a while back and find this song so fun. It makes me want to dance everything out! 

Stromae - Papaoutai
I'm not good at viral songs or keeping up with music so I never really listened to Stromae until my French class brought him up. He is incredible!

Soviet Suprem - Rongrakatikatong
Alright, so this is kind of a weird one. And, again, discovered through my French class. It's just a fun song to bop along to. I'll probably get tired of it at some point, but as of right now, it's mine and my roommate's jam. Word.

Hopefully I'll share some more on Monday next time :)

Saturday, 24 October 2015

One Year

Well buddy, it's been a year without you.

I remember getting the call from dad this day last year and knowing right away what he was about to tell me. I don't remember the conversation too well. I was sobbing too hard and had too many thoughts racing through my mind. There was no way (still is no way) for me to picture life without you. My best friend and cuddle buddy, always by my side no matter how long it had been since I was last home.
I hope that you know how badly I wish I could have been there and that I had seen you before it got bad. I never imagined that it would not have been me there with you when the time came. But mostly, I want you to know how lucky I am to have had you. I'm sorry I left so many times and that you maybe thought I was never coming back - then treating me like a Queen when we saw each other again. Thanks for staying with me when I was sick or sad or mad or happy. Thanks for listening and being the best therapy. Thanks for jumping up and down on me when I came home from a four month period away or forty minutes. Thanks for trying to scare off strangers with your tiny (but loud) bark.  Thanks for going with car rides with me. Thanks for going on walks with me even when I'm sure you'd rather be chasing cars along the fence without a leash. Thanks for being goofy and providing the best comic relief. Thank you for lavishing me in kisses and curling up beside me whether I was doing homework or watching a movie or even trying to workout, clearly to no avail, in the basement. Thank you for being the best dog. 
But most of all, thank you for showing me unconditional love. Thank you for being my best friend.

I hope that wherever you are, you are living the full life you could not have with us.

Love you and miss you always, my sweet Boston.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Fall Fashion Wish List

Obviously, and inevitably, subject to change. Lust lists are always growing :)

Turtlenecks - I never used to wear turtlenecks, but now I am starting to feel more comfortable in them.

  • Linen - lighter and striped - can go with essentially anything
  • Weighted - perfect for cooler days when I don't want to wear layers (or for when I just want a light jacket even)
  • Loafers - I have been longing for loafers for some time. My main issue with finding a suitable pair is compromising quality for price or investing in a pair that I hope I will wear for years and years to come
  • Booties - I had a pair of lovely leather booties... Then my dog decided to eat them. Alas, I am (well, have been for the past 5 months) on the hunt for a new pair. I love these blue suede ones but I'm just not sure how entirely neutral they would be. Still gorgeous with certain outfits!
  • Flats - I own one pair of flats. I know, strange. I need shoes with good support and flats do not offer any. However, I am thinking it's time to grab a pair. I would love some bright red ones :)
Jeans - Madewell denim is so comfortable and good quality so I'm hoping to get a good, year-round pair of jeans from there soon (I've tried them on sooo many times but have yet to call a pair my own)

Handbag - I'm not at a stage in my life where I can invest in a dozen handbags and justify it. This Tory Burch bag has been on my lust list ever since it came out! I hope that they can bring it back out in a some years time when the purchase is more realistic.

Dress - I own a decent amount of nice summer dresses, but my fall/winter department is lacking. This dress would be perfect for the fall and winter paired with a long-sleeve tee underneath, tights, and booties.

Flannel - similar to turtlenecks, button ups were never really an option for me. But now I am wishing for this perfect buffalo check shirt.

Jewellery - I rarely change my diamond studs for anything else. Lately I have found myself wanting to start wearing small gold hoops (I'm not a fan of big hoops on me, at all - too "hip" for me). These ones are a bit modern and also combine classic gold with some diamond studs. 

Skirt - I've never ordered anything off of Chicwish, though I have found some really great things on their website recently. For example, this skirt. I think it's something classic but adds enough edge to keep it from being boring or generic. 

Fall weather is officially among us now - here is to looking fashionable while fending off the cold. 

Monday, 5 October 2015

10 Points for Pumpkin!


I like Starbucks as much as the next person (perhaps even a little more), however, the PSL will never be friends. Okay, never say never... But probably never. I don't like the taste enough to actually spend $6 on it. To be honest, I don't even think that people love the taste, so much as they love the trend. Starbucks, more specifically the pumpkin spiced latte, is the epitome of this generation - being seen with that white and green cup, taking a picture, probably with leaves or something fall-esque, and Instagramming it with the hashtag #PSL. It's a great marketing scheme on behalf of Starbucks, you have to admit. I just don't really understand what all the fuss is about.

Rant over!

Now, pumpkin time :)
Thanksgiving (well, my Thanksgiving) is this upcoming weekend and I am preparing for my desserts. I love cooking during the festivities as well, but during holidays my housemates do potlucks - ergo, I bring dessert. Obviously Pumpkin Pie is a must, but I've been trying to find some other great pumpkin recipes to make. The wonderful thing about pumpkin is that you can bake with is pretty much until Christmas because it's essentially synonymous with fall. So, though I likely won't get through all of these recipes in the next few days (I promise you that I am not Superwoman), hopefully I can get to them over the semester.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Favourite Study Playlists

With October comes late library nights. It's the glorious (please note the sarcasm) time of year attached to projects, midterms and assignments. Like any student, sometimes my focus drains and my productivity faces a steep decline (which will ultimately result in looong nights after).

I have a few tools to put myself back on the study track, such as baking and exercise, but one of the most useful things I find are playlists. I have long listened to 8tracks and in fact I have a playlist that has been on repeat since the fall of 2012 - it's that great. These are a few of my favourites and the ones I find most helpful:

This is my archival playlist :)

And, although we still have some time before Christmas is pushed toward us, here is my favourite holiday study playlist :)

Best of luck to all the students out there! Especially to my little sister, Annie :) (not that she really needs it...)