Sunday, 20 September 2015

Feeding the Nutella Obsession

When I was living in Switzerland in grade 12, I discovered how much I love Nutella. We never had it in the house growing up (perhaps that was a good thing) but the minute I had unlimited access to it, I went for it. Hard. Really, really hard. My roommate and I would binge nightly. Needless to say, it was bad and my devotion showed. Okay so I didn't get, like, "fat" (as in obese) exactly. But I gained weight that I hadn't before... 

Ever since, I've only been able to eat it sparingly. I've also become a lot more health and nutrition conscious since then. So, as per my Minimalist Baker obsession, I decided to test out their recipe. Nutella is a gift to mankind, after all. However, it contains so much sugar that it is hardly justifiable at times. 

I made the recipe when I was home for a week after leaving Banff and before coming back to Halifax. Holy s#*t. It. Was. Amazing. I totally recommend trying it. It was (a) easy to make (b) customizable, and (c) relatively healthier than the original recipe. 
Though I didn't take any pictures (a really, really bad habit of mine), I hope you'll trust my judgement on this. I did add more chocolate than the recipe called for, just personal preference I think :)

The only downside to making it yourself, I find, is that hazelnuts are very expensive. So... Maybe not something to make all the time, but definitely something to try! 

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