Friday, 7 August 2015

Reformation's Boob Solution

Damn, if only I had waited a few years to get smaller boobs (you know, so that I could afford the clothes) then I could have capitalized on Reformation's new line. 

Finally, a button up dress that won't pop at the seams!

The people behind Reformation are clearly listening to female concerns about the common busting issue we many have. So many designs are there that I have shied away from. But here lies a breakthrough in fashion! A "normal" piece with an increased bust measurement. Woohoo! 

I sincerely hope that more brands start including pieces that allow busty girls to show off their body and style without showing off everything (or nothing for that matter) or having to choose from a select few items that actually fit. 

I should also maybe note that the dresses are made for about DD cups... They could go like a biiit larger, but still an improvement on the big boob front. 

Here's to fit and fashion not being mutually exclusive! 

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