Monday, 15 June 2015

We Need to Talk about Jon Snow

They can't REALLY kill him, can they? 

Poor damn Jon Snow. Poor viewers! We need the red witch to perform some voodoo on him.
That episode made me sick to my stomach at some points. I gasped and gagged and smiled and nearly cried. I mean... NO ONE wins in this episode. No one! NOT a soul - except for effin Ramsay Bolton (and sort of Tyrion... and sort of Sansa). 

Normally after season finales, I am paralyzed with desire to find out what is going to happen next season. This time, I need a minute. Though I don't need an entire year, I need a breather. So many emotions!!! 

I almost want to read the books now. Almost

In a way though, aside from Olly STABBING HIM, Jon dying was kind of poetic. Jon Snow laying in snow
Also, I really hope they address R+L=J before they finish the show. At least give us some closure for our dead, brooding boy. 

Ugh, I needed this little mini rant. Maybe a longer recap of my emotions later? 

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