Monday, 15 June 2015

American Pharaoh

American Pharaoh for Athlete of the Year? I think so! 

Each year, general sports lovers have the opportunity to rally for history to be made in thoroughbred racing. In recent years, Smarty Jones and California Chrome were personal favourites of mine of those who aimed for the prestige. Admittedly, I thought it could never be done. Not after a 37 year drought. Especially not in stormy, rainy, wet conditions. It just seemed to be too tough! Yet somehow, the 16.1 hand colt made it look effortless. You'd expect in a situation such as this that he would struggle a bit for the win; That the other starters who boasted weeks of rest that American Pharaoh lacked would manage to upset him. Fortunately, the Triple Crown was his from the start. 

How many people in Hollywood do you think have already started penning scripts about him?

Stay golden, American Pharaoh! 

*just as a side note:
Academic's 66-1 win in the Canadian Oaks may go down as one of my favourite wins ever. Amazing! 

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