Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Looking for Alaska

Regardless of one's age, I think there are some novels that mostly anyone can relate to. Everyone has experiences which form who they are - be it high school, first loves, career moves, geographical repositioning. I think the most common relation among our culture is high school.

I read The Fault in Our Stars over Christmas break last year (before the film came out), and it made me fall in love with reading again. For a while, I would only read what was required of me in school. That is not to say I had lost interest in novels - on the contrary, I nearly prefer them over film or television. However, after years of reading textbooks and roughly uninteresting pieces of literature, I drew away from it. Reading just became more or less associated with work.

Then I read TFIOS. And I instantly became a Nerdfighter! Reading was fun again :)

Alas, I finally read Looking for Alaska. It was a perfect combination of teenage exploration and mystery. Not like Gone Girl mystery, but enough to keep the reader wondering what the countdown is leading to and what the aftermath will be.

So, thank you John Green! I can't wait to read Paper Towns next :) 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Summertime Silk

Summer is the temps for loose, flowy attire. A silk dress is the perfect solution to hot, sticky summer days! Though it's unlikely that I will acquire any of these items in the near future, a lady can dream. Right?

DVF - Camila printed silk-chiffon dress

Madewell - Silk Maxi Dress in Stripe

Topshop Unique - Ottoline floral-print silk-chiffon mini dress

Anthropologie - Gouache Garden Silk Swing Dress

Ann Taylor - Embroidered Drop Waist Dress

Equipment - Ian Striped Washed-Silk Mini Dress

I feel a Part II coming soon... So many marvellous choices.

My personal favourite of the lot is the first DVF dress. I don't normally love off-the-shoulder dresses, but everything about this piece is just lovely! What are your favourites?

Monday, 15 June 2015

We Need to Talk about Jon Snow

They can't REALLY kill him, can they? 

Poor damn Jon Snow. Poor viewers! We need the red witch to perform some voodoo on him.
That episode made me sick to my stomach at some points. I gasped and gagged and smiled and nearly cried. I mean... NO ONE wins in this episode. No one! NOT a soul - except for effin Ramsay Bolton (and sort of Tyrion... and sort of Sansa). 

Normally after season finales, I am paralyzed with desire to find out what is going to happen next season. This time, I need a minute. Though I don't need an entire year, I need a breather. So many emotions!!! 

I almost want to read the books now. Almost

In a way though, aside from Olly STABBING HIM, Jon dying was kind of poetic. Jon Snow laying in snow
Also, I really hope they address R+L=J before they finish the show. At least give us some closure for our dead, brooding boy. 

Ugh, I needed this little mini rant. Maybe a longer recap of my emotions later? 

American Pharaoh

American Pharaoh for Athlete of the Year? I think so! 

Each year, general sports lovers have the opportunity to rally for history to be made in thoroughbred racing. In recent years, Smarty Jones and California Chrome were personal favourites of mine of those who aimed for the prestige. Admittedly, I thought it could never be done. Not after a 37 year drought. Especially not in stormy, rainy, wet conditions. It just seemed to be too tough! Yet somehow, the 16.1 hand colt made it look effortless. You'd expect in a situation such as this that he would struggle a bit for the win; That the other starters who boasted weeks of rest that American Pharaoh lacked would manage to upset him. Fortunately, the Triple Crown was his from the start. 

How many people in Hollywood do you think have already started penning scripts about him?

Stay golden, American Pharaoh! 

*just as a side note:
Academic's 66-1 win in the Canadian Oaks may go down as one of my favourite wins ever. Amazing! 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Banff for the Summer

Mountain time!
Over the Christmas holidays, I thought a little about applying to work in the Rocky Mountains for the summer. Honestly, I just didn't know what I would do at home for the summer, job-wise. I was deciding between that and being an Au Pair in Europe for a few months and then doing a summer course for the first month or two that I would be home for. Needless to say, I swung the way of the mountains. The application process was a little last minute and I probably could've planned it out a bit better...

But I'm here now!

I arrived in Calgary 3 weeks ago and came out to Banff the day after I arrived. Driving out here was inexplicably gorgeous. (Well, I'm sure I could come up with a description if I had to. However, I need to work on my descriptive writing.) I'm working as a host in one of the many restaurants at the Banff Springs hotel. This place is a castle. A castle. A castle! It has been expanded and re-done over the years (primarily because of a fire in the early 1900's...), but you can feel the history in every room.

I hope to write more about my time here over the coming months. Stay tuned!