Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Bucket Bag

This bag seems to have come and gone lots over the past decades. I've loved the style since I first laid eyes on it a few years ago. 

If I get a new bag (which is not very often), I make sure it will last me a while. There is a plethora of cheaper, but still cute, handbags out there but I don't want to get something I know won't make it past a few years. I think this style is one that will always stay classic, even when no one is sporting it... It has come back many times so I think a purchase of a good quality, versatile bag is one that may be worth the investment. 

Having said that, most of the ones that I have listed here are still probably too much of an investment for me... 

1. Gigi New York - Jenn Bucket Bag (pictured above too)
The stone colour is neutral (and could be considered plain), but the embossed leather adds an unexpected detail that makes the bag anything but plain. A shorter strap is also great to have the option of tossing is across your body or hanging it on the shoulder.
It comes in other really great colours too! I love the Desert Rose equally as much as the Stone :)

2. Mansur Gavriel - Bucket Bag
So I must have been living under a rock when this design duo came out because I've only recently discovered their bags. I would take any one of their bags, but the bucket bags are my favourite. 
The style is just so minimal and feminine. Every single colour is gorgeous and I had a hard time deciding which one just to post! You can also choose which interior colour you want, so there are plenty of options. I'm sure these bags will last for a very long time (they're also a big investment...), the only trouble is actually getting your hands on one!

3. Elizabeth and James - Cynnie Mini Bucket Bag
Getting up into the investment piece price tag... I love basically everything that they design. I think Elizabeth and James (aka the Olsen twins) do a great job at channeling a "cool girl" look, but still feminine, classic, and easy to pair with. This bag also has a shorter strap, which I like :) Another cool, though maybe less versatile - it depends on your wardrobe - and for sure an investment, is the Crocodile version in Sun.

4. Roots - Roxi Bag Prince
Roots is just an awesome Canadian brand that has been around forever. I'm sure almost every woman, or man for that matter, will have at least 1 Roots bag in their lifetime. They last forever - I know many friends who have inherited their mothers' from when they were our age - and only get better with age. Great functionality and style is what makes me love Roots so much! 

5. J.Crew - Downing Bucket Bag
When talking about J.Crew, I don't normally put it in the "affordable" category. Yes, they have great pieces that will last you a number of years. But, for most people it isn't a brand to stock up on every weekend. However, this bag is quite affordable. It's actually the least expensive one on this list! I like the navy the best, but the other colours are nice too! 

Here's hoping I can invest in one soon! (which basically means "Here's hoping I make money this summer and don't see anything else I like so I can buy one of these without feeling like I could've spent it on clothes!")

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