Thursday, 5 March 2015

Still Alice

Oh, where to begin. 

Since TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival), I have been eager to see Still Alice. Julianne Moore is just so incredible and different in everything so she was an immediate draw. Then, the poster came. The picture isn't complicated. It is just a simple shot of a woman. No fake smiles or photoshopping or obvious green screen. It looks like an image captured in real life. It just looks true.

All of the awards stuff made me even more intent and eager to see the film, though it was not in any theatres. Whaaaat? I mean, they are films - they last forever so, really, what is the rush. But when so many things (such as awards) are happening around you, it makes you want to know what everyone is gushing about! 

I saw the film last night and it lived up to every expectation I had and more. It wasn't even really a film. It was better. It was a transformation in front of you. It made me forget about any crappy film I had seen (or avoided for that matter...) and made me realize the power of film when done right.

If I hadn't known better, I'd say it was seniors night at the theatre. There were a few young couples and girls similar to my age, but most of the audience was 60 and above. 

(Side note: I want to read the book this summer as well. I'm trying to read more books this year and this in on my list!)

The film was an emotional journey, and definitely something that everyone can relate to, even if you have no experience with Alzheimers. You can connect to any one of the characters - Alice, the successful professor happily married with 3 adult children; John, her equally successful husband dealing with his wife deteriorating beside him; the three children losing their mother while growing up, never expecting that she would be absent in so many events in their lives, such as grandchildren (the children are what I connected to); or those she meets along the way or whom she has to disclose her illness to. 

I encourage everyone to see the film! While I think it does highlight Early Onset Alzheimers well, it also leaves you with a feeling of gratefulness for those around you in good health. 

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