Thursday, 5 March 2015

I am in Awe of You, February

Hello again blogosphere! Its been a little while right? 

I had three posts written out in drafts during February but I never got a chance to actually send them out. I would start one, get busy, forget about it, and then something else would catch my mind so I would start a new post. It was a vicious cycle (I'm kidding). 

February was crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. But good! Every student knows the February madness. Nonstop assignments and midterms. I honestly have NO clue how people could go to the Caribbean or wherever because you would be doing work ALL THE TIME. 

Since February is also the shortest month, combining that with school work and reading week, I wonder at times if February even existed. 

So though it was chalk-filled with school commitments, it was also an exciting month! Lots of planning for the upcoming year (jobs, future school stuff), and getting home for reading week! 

It was wonderful to be home for reading week. We went up to Blue Mountain for Family Day weekend. I've been skiing to many other cool places, but never to Blue - it was very fun! Though cold. Can NOT forget the cold. The village is so cute and the hills are not mountainous by any means, but they are nice sized! If I had more time there, I would have loved to do some pottery too :)

February was also the birthday month for both my parents. Somewhat inconveniently, reading week also lands smackdab in the middle of both. So while I miss their special days, I can still celebrate both at home! 
For my dad's belated birthday treat, I made an Angel Food cake. I made one last year too, but it didn't rise well at all.... Basically we ended up with a super thick pound cake. Taste - great. Texture - well, could've been lighter. This years turned out MUCH much better!
For my mom's early birthday treat, I made a Caramel Chocolate Tarte. Delicious. So delicious and rich. My mom is a carameloholic (me, a chocoholic - though you could argue my mom is both. I inherited my sweet tooth from her!!1) so I try to always make something super caramel-y for her. 

Here's to a slow March!

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