Friday, 6 February 2015

Little Loves

#1 J.Crew Spring Arrivals

These new pieces need to make their way into my closet. By any means necessary. The second I saw them, I was aching to be in Florida or California or Australia or Hawaii or ANYWHERE WARM. 
The firework print is just too beautiful, and it is on sooo many different pieces! It is floral so it fits right in with spring, yet it is dark so it could easily be worn throughout all the seasons. I've also been dreaming about the pleated skirt ever since I laid eyes on it. And the blush suede pump is so lovely! I don't think I can name one piece I don't like. But these are probably my favourites!

#2 Scout all Grown Up

To Kill a Mockingbird was one of my favourite books to read in high school. What made the novel even more interesting to me was discovering that the author, Harper Lee, had only published that single novel. I'm excited to see Scout many years after the events of Boo Radley, especially because this novel was written before Mockingbird. Ever since the publication was announced I have been wanting to re-watch the movie, if only to see Mr. Gregory Peck. 

#3 All of Me - Madison Tevlin

This video has gone viral so chances are you've probably seen it, but it is nevertheless awesome and touching.

#4 Do Something, Leafs!

I'm not a huge hockey fanatic. But, I am Canadian, thereby basically programmed to enjoy it. Which I do! Having grown in up southwestern Ontario, the Toronto Maple Leafs are my team. But their 10 game losing streak? Not exactly encouraging me to watch... This video perfectly sums up any obsessed or even careless fans' feelings towards them at the moment. And it's pretty hysterical, too. 


Tuesday brought a hefty amount of snow... But NOTHING compared to last night!! It is a magical winter wonderland today in Halifax and I could not be more upset that I have to spend it studying. I guess it just means that all of my study breaks today will be spent wandering outside! 

Another thing I'm loving? The fact that I'll be home in 5 short days :) Just need to get through another midterm and two assignments.... Here we go!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Monday Maison Muse - Above Manhattan

So I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought about living in Manhattan and Upstate New York since my tween years. Sometimes I do feel a bit unpatriotic being Canadian and desperately seeking a life in the Big Apple, but then again, it is the city where dreams are made of. Right?

I love design and architecture, too. I've been reading magazines for many, many years and used to (and sometimes still do) draw up floor plans. They used to be for my dream home, i.e. a massive farm and massive log cabin. I've evolved since then. I was obsessed with modern homes for a while but through the years I've come to appreciate so many different styles.

But back to New York. My dad would sometimes get me design magazines, like Dwell, and I would spend so long analyzing every article, learning every detail. I still love buying magazines and going on websites like Houzz. One of my favourite pieces, and one that has definitely had an impact on my style today, comes from an article in Style at Home. I think the article was initially published two years ago but I still remember the images vividly. And what do ya know! I found it on their website.

I think the light and airiness of the apartment has impacted by bedroom right now. I have mostly light furniture and accessories, but still a punch of colour! Maybe I'll post some pictures of it here one day ;)

I have been in love with this apartment ever since I saw it on the cover of that month's edition! Future apartment design and location goals. Right there. Will it be easy? No. No. No. A girl can dream though. Who knows, maybe someday I will be overlooking Union Square in my crisp, clean apartment!

I'd love to talk more about my love for this place, but alas I must get back to studying for my Marketing midterm tomorrow!