Tuesday, 27 January 2015

"Snowpocalypse" Part 2

Just a few more things I have to say:

As a kid, the best part about school during the winter was snow days. And we had a plethora of them. Less so in high school, even fewer in university. And its understandable why. The stakes are higher the higher you move up the education ladder!

Midterm season is somehow already firing up and my first was scheduled for this Thursday. BUT because class was cancelled today, we have no review. Ergo, test is pushed to next week. Normally I'd rejoice and jump and watch movies/bake/eat baking while watching movies (or you know, go tobogganing), but that is not the case.

You know when you have a plan in place and then it gets shaken up? This is one of those times. But its okay, sometimes you've just got to roll with the punches (side note: I don't really love that metaphor, but I couldn't think of anything else). So even though the next few weeks will be crazy leading up to reading week, today will only partially be a day to relax. The rest of it will be spent trying to reconfigure my plan and execute!

For any Game of Throne-ers, I thought this GIF was really funny:

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