Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Let's Keep Going!

Today was my third day back at hot yoga for 2015. It has been wonderful! Two 6:30am classes, one 8:30am class. I'd be lying if I said getting up for the 6:30am classes weren't a pain in the ass... Luckily I have a good friend doing it with me - part of my motivation. I completely understand why some people don't love it. For a long time, I thought that yoga was somewhat silly and that I would never be able to get into it. I think it is something you need to work at to love, but once you are more comfortable, you feel fantastic! Part of getting up early for the class is knowing that I'm getting on a better routine. Last semester was okay routine wise, but I really needed to come up with something more consistent that also brought me to mental and physical health. I think I'm on a good path so far!

I've also done the Halifax Seaport Market each weekend since I've been back! That is one of my happiest places. I think farmer's market's just ground you. It's exciting to go and grab a nice breakfast, buy some local produce, and see the amazing artwork and jewellery. In times when reality can seem congested and too built up, I find it refreshing to see locals.
In the summer time (and fall and spring...basically any season that isn't winter!), the rooftop of the market has a gorgeous view. It overlooks the harbour and always manages to transport me. I love bringing some readings for class and sitting up there when it's warmer.

Who knows whether or not I will actually stick to this, but I am hoping that I can maintain this path! 
Have a wonderful day :)

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