Wednesday, 28 January 2015

#BellLetsTalk and Into the Woods

"Someone is on your side. No one is alone."

Stephen Sondheim is a genius. Any musical theatre geek knows this. He has an ability to leave profound messages on an audience. Most people are aware of Into the Woods (the movie), which is the latest adaptation of his work. One of the songs, "No One is Alone", can be applied to so many situations. I think it could especially be applied to an event today: #BellLetsTalk . #BellLetsTalk encourages discussion about mental illness and acts to end stigmas surrounding it.

I have dealt with my own bouts of mental instability and most of it stems from this: not talking. As a kid, I think I was pretty outgoing. That changed over the years and I became very shy. So, as you see, I was never really a person who rambled on about things anyways. But then came a period a few years ago in which I knew I needed help. I should have started talking to people (like my mom or dad or my best friend) sooner, just so that they realized I was not in quite good health. In short, I began talking to people and focused on myself and I'm now on a much better path. I was lucky in that I did have a support system around me...Even when I hadn't quite realized it myself.

I know others will be in similar situations and too will think that they cannot talk to anyone or don't have anyone. While this may be true for some, it is not true for all. There are resources available, such as school counsellors. Most people really do want to help and will provide encouragement and information and support.

So what does this have to do with Into the Woods? Well, truthfully, the movie just came out and is still fresh in my mind. Maybe the messages are clearer in the stage version, but there are many, many great messages in the play. One of them attempts to tell audiences that even in your dark and feeling-like-you're-at-a-bottom-of-a-pit times, there will be someone out there who is ready to listen and help.
The song is beautiful and I suggest you take a listen!

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