Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Back to Baking + Snow Day!

So today is the day of that huge storm - Nor'easter/Atlantic Blizzard/whatever you want to call it. Its not thaaaat bad. I mean yeah, theres some snow! But come on, what happened to "We are winter!!" Oh well. But I get a day off of school so I'm not complaining about much! To prepare for this potentially monstrous storm, I stocked up on food last night with the roommates (one of my roommates keeps referring to it as "the apocalypse"). I don't really know why, maybe I've watched too many disaster movies, but I always liked the idea of being stuck inside and surviving. I'm not looking to be in anyone's survival of the fittest trial, but the whole idea just excites me. And now moving on....

From Eat Good 4 Life
To ensure ample food supply, I also did some baking. There was no real prediction for the severity of the storm, which meant that we had no idea if we would wake up to electricity. I utilized my access to power by whipping up some scones, peanut butter-date-corn flake-dark chocolate bars, stir fry, and quinoa. Who knows how long we would potentially be without power for, right? (Turns out its the afternoon of the day after and power is still functioning... better safe than sorry!)

I'd been meaning to bake both the scones and the other treat for a while, and this "event" seemed like the perfect opportunity! I got the scones from here - they are blueberry coconut and also vegan (if you sub the egg for flax egg) and gluten free. I don't always do gluten free baking - I think that if you are going to indulge in a treat, it may as well be the real thing! - but I had been wanting to try these for some time. They were delicious! I swear you wouldn't know by tasting them that they were GF. I'm not vegan, but I do cook/bake vegan sometimes. Though, I have sort of eliminated dairy from my everyday diet (I don't buy milk or yogurt anymore) but I do still generally use butter, etc. if needed. This recipe did not require it though!

The bars.... I don't quite know how to describe. They are quite good though. A coffee shop in Halifax has these Skor Bars (as they call them) and they are sooooo good. A server there once told me that the bars are made with corn flakes and after I began a search on the internet for a recipe! Most of the recipes I found were loaded (I mean LOADED) with sugar. And then I found this one on Half Baked Harvest! Really just a healthy version of what I love so much at the coffee shop. I baked them last night and tried them today after they had chilled - they were delectable.

The quinoa was for a salad that I love to make. When in the Big Apple this summer, I went to The Smith. One of the best decisions of the trip (behind, of course, daily helpings of cupcakes). Their Quinoa Kale Salad changed by life. Thus, I set out to make it myself. One of the only reasons I am looking forward to this day to pass is so that I can dive into it for dinner.

I could feed a village, right? Ha, no. These will be gone by tomorrow.

And now I'm going back to marketing and economics! And writing a cover letter... How did January become so busy? Stay safe one and all!

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