Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Take Notice

Monday was a great day. Not totally, I mean if I wasn't in class, I was at the library. Going hard. BUT it was December 1st. Which means.... ADVENT CALENDAR TIME! Woohoo. My mom sent me over a Lindt advent calendar and opening up the little door Monday night after a long day was so wonderful that I actually savoured the chocolate. And it also means one day closer to Christmas. And yesterday was the last day of classes. BOOM that went by fast. It is still unfathomable to me that in less than two weeks (11 days to be exact) I will be at home with my family free from school work. But literally every hour until then will be crammed with work and planning.

Does anyone remember those "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books? I have no idea where mine is now, but I believe I had an original and a "Chicken Soup for the Horse Lovers Soul". I remember going through multiple stories through one sitting because they really were so endearing. Well, a few days ago I came across a screen shot on Buzzfeed with a story that, although I'm pretty sure was fiction (and by pretty sure I mean when I clicked the link, it says that the story is fiction), instantly brought me back to those books. Here is the link and the story is #19, but I suggest reading all of them :) The story was about a boy who was befriended by another boy in freshman year of high school and how they became great friends. But years later at graduation, that boy revealed that his friend saved him that day they first met. I won't go into details how, but it just puts into perspective how we all struggle and you may not realize it, but a simple act of kindness could help someone make it through the day.

I found some videos within the past few days that easily put a smile on my face and hopefully they put one on yours too!
Does he look like the nicest guy or what? 

This little pairing just makes my heart melt! 

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