Thursday, 4 December 2014

Holly Jolly Christmas Time!

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose..." The wonderful time of year when it is officially acceptable to play Christmas carols non-stop is here!

It hasn't been that consistently cold lately, probably averaging around 3 degrees Celsius. But the holiday spirit is very much alive! I have been swapping out my usual study playlists for Christmas study playlists and I could not be happier. Although, there have been a few instances when I've found myself humming along - sort of embarrassing in the library (especially when the song is "Santa Baby"). A few things are fuelling up my excitement: carols (of course), outfits, and baking! I probably could have split this post up into multiple separate posts, but I was just too excited to share all of this :)

These are some of my favourites:
One of my roommates made this fun playlist on 8tracks! One of my go-to study Christmas playlists is this.

Carly from The College Prepster put together this amazing, but simple, outfit a few days ago and I am in love! It has totally inspired me.

In terms of being prepared for winter weather, I recently got the UGG Adirondack boots in beige. They are as cozy as regular UGGs but much better equipped for outdoor use! It is certainly an investment piece but I know I will have them for many, many years to come.
A little outfit that I think would be great for wearing to multiple events and running around over the holidays would be this:
HandbagCedar Street Maise in Ballet Slipper Dress: Talula Lambeth dress from Aritzia NecklaceCause a Stir Mini Pendant Necklace in clear Glasses: Warby Parker Watch: Movado (though the Kate Spade Gramercy is more affordable...) Booties: Laine boots 

Alas, baking! Probably the best part, right? My younger sister and I have a tradition with my Granny of baking over the holidays. Such great memories! A staple in our baking day was shortbread cookies with red/pink and green colouring. My sister typically got the pink colouring and I was stuck with the green. BUT being the wonderful big sister that I am, I tried not to complain :) We had interesting little decorating patterns - loads of silver balls and sprinkles - and they were marvellous.

A restaurant down in Florida, Flemings, has this ridiculously good chocolate walnut pie. Really, it is heaven. My family will be heading down there for the holidays and I cannot even explain how
excited I already am to bite into this masterpiece. My sister recreated it at home last year with wonderful results too!
My brother's birthday falls around Christmas time so last year I baked dark chocolate cupcakes with mint icing! Everyone loved them too.
(these weren't the exact ones I baked, but you get the idea ;)

Hope everyone has a great start to their holiday season! And good luck to students everywhere, we certainly need it this time of year :)

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