Sunday, 16 November 2014

On it Goes (Chocolate Included)

It's finally the end of midterms. Preach! With now just four weeks to go before heading home for Christmas break, crunch time is sort of in effect. There is a strange hybrid of panic and relaxation: panic because, obviously, finals are soon upon us. Most aren't until December... But December is really just around the corner. Relaxation because we are through with multiple week (or more) long periods saturated with studying and tests and assignments AND classes. 

Although I haven't done much since the start of the semester, I LOVE baking. LOVE. I have a sweet tooth like no other (I think chocolate runs through my veins). I love trying new recipes, and will use any excuse to bake. To commemorate the end of midterms (and a roommate's horrible week), I decided to bake chocolate caramel (though really butterscotch) cupcakes. There are many ways to de-stress, but baking really is a great way. I love reading; LOVE watching TV or movies; when I have (or put aside) time, yoga; horseback riding; even jogging; and just hanging out with roommates! I guess there are a ton of ways to de-stress, though I'm sure most people resort to a screen. I am guilty. But back to the cupcakes:

They were delicious. End of story. The batter used buttermilk with a butterscotch filling, and I used a dark chocolate icing recipe, then drizzled (...or poured) butterscotch on top. They didn't last long. In a house of seven girls plus frequent visitors, no baking really does. I didn't snap any pictures so here are some to enjoy instead! 

Here is the recipe used for the cupcakes, and the icing. I only used 2 cups of powdered sugar, and added in a few extra teaspoons of cream. For the cupcakes, I swapped the Rolo toppings out for more butterscotch. 

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