Saturday, 18 October 2014

Thanksgiving: University Edition

Happy Belated Thanksgiving fellow Canadians!

 Unfortunately for this university student, I was not home for the festivities. Academia called! Yes, midterms and assignments were still on my radar for the next few days. Although they have more content, I think I prefer finals. No classes, and a time period actually dedicated to studying! Not trying to study and go to lectures, do readings and weekly assignments.
Even though I wasn't home with my family, I still had a turkey (well, chicken) dinner. The roomies and I did a little Thanksgiving shindig with veggies, chicken (a 15lbs turkey was a bit too much to handle, I did miss the taste though), sweet potatoes (awesomely covered in marshmallows) and I of course baked la tarte a la citrouille, and if room for extras, we also had apple pie. I'd say it was a success! This Thanksgiving, I was in yoga pants and a hoodie - I can certainly say that's a first (along with everything else).
If I were home, my outfit would look something more like this:

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